Olave Hall Teams – Rd 1&2 (Back to the Future)


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Team rd1 rd 2 Combined
Martin Lindley, Gay Martin 43.45 43.45
Lyn Carrodus, Bevan Russell 44.94 44.20 55.95 49.70 46.95 – 8th
Justine Thompson, Shelagh Noble 49.4 43.75
Peter Grooby, Monique Wightman 48.31 48.86 51.19 47.47 48.16 – 7th
Jean Hodson, Margaret Waterman 58.33 39.88
Jenny Vaile, Geoff Sutton 56.55 57.44 44.05 41.97 49.70 – 5th
Garry Brunton, Robyn Gordon 55.65 56.25
Chris Turner, Robin Martin 59.52 57.59 53.27 54.76 56.17 – 1st
Robyn Bright, Vicki Russell 53.27 55.97
Shirley Lattimore, Diana Collins57.44 55.36 44.94 50.46 52.91 – 2nd
Jane Worthington, Bevan Bruce 49.7 48.21
Sharon Thompson, Sherryn Malthus44.94 47.32 50 49.11 48.21 – 6th
Bill Waldron, Rhonda Doole 34.82 47.92
John Fountain, David Cartwright 52.08 43.45 46.13 47.03 45.24 – 9th
Elsie Maginness, Ewan Johnstone 44.35 67.26
Anne Bruce, Helen Jones 39.58 41.97 48.51 57.89 49.93 – 4th
Mary Leyden, Barbara Gordon 55.65 58.33
Joan Mander, Mechtilda Melis 52.08 53.87 44.94 51.64 52.75 – 3rd

Watch this YouTube video


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This video was made by a new player from the New Plymouth Bridge Club.


December 2014 Minutes


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Present and Welcome – Garry Brunton, Vicki Russell, Peter Grooby, Mary Leyden, Helen Jones, Steve Gray, Barbara Gordon – Welcome to Barbara Gordon, new Secretary

It was moved that Barbara Gordon be a member of the Committee – PeterG/Steve Gray – carried

Apologies – Ralph Lattimore, Margaret Bosma, Lyn Carrodus, Barbara Campbell

Minutes of Last meeting – 6 November 2014
Matters Arising – Steve Gray co-opted Shirley Lattimore and Peter Grooby to sub-committee for tournaments.

Mike McClure – delete reference in the minutes to the three words, “The Management Chairperson”.

Shirley Lattimore – not going to be a recorder. Steve said that this is not required.

Social Sub-Committee report back re catering – Tania (Jan Head’s daughter) will accept and give us a quote to do tournament catering. She will do three tournaments plus the Christmas parties from 2015 onwards.
Tania pointed out that we will need another trestle table for her catering purposes.
Steve noticed a typo in these minutes – Olave Estate should be Olive Estate
Moved minutes of this meeting be accepted – Vicki/Peter – carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Garry read out the report as Treasurer absent from meeting. Westpac accounts are winding down now that we are banking with NBS.

Diane Donnelly removed from members’ list – unable to be contacted. Barbara to try contacting her as she knows her socially and has her e-mail address etc.
Cross Colin Oldroyd off list as the NZB levies are due and we don’t want to pay for him when he is no longer a member.

Babich Pairs NZ Bridge $264 shouldn’t come under masterpoints and levies. Steve will e-mail Ralph to see what he thinks.

Moved report be accepted as correct – Garry/Vicki

Garry – brief e-mail xchange with Margaret re letter from Betty Semmens retiring and not coming back any more – she will be missed.
One or two accounts which are to be handled by Treasurer.
NZ Bridge AGM held at Congress time September 2014 minutes – points of interest read out by Barbara
TOTS Meeting minutes
M Green Trophy to be rotated same as Howarth Cup in October 2015 at Westport – Westport Club to come back to committee with actual dates

Steve mentioned that we do get a lot more correspondence via e-mail now – NZ Bridge correspondence which Steve will keep an eye on and present at meetings.

Margaret Bosma replied to letters regarding disturbances on Wednesday nights – no copies held.

Moved correspondence be accepted – Garry/Steve –Carried

New Members/Resignations
No new members
B Semmens, G Coote and D Pioch all resigned.
A new book required for Chris Sutton who was left off list for printing members books .

Management Committee Business
Mike McClure no longer maintenance person – this has been temporarily filled by Steve Gray but now we have appointed Bevan Bruce to be a paid maintenance person.

New Proposed Altosoft’s Compscore2 Programme
Account from NZ Bridge for $200 to pay for web hosting for the next 12 months – Compscore2 used at Hamilton for Congress and in Auckland for the recent IPs. Steve is trialling it on his computer at home and also at the Club; can’t work his way round the buttons – Mary has had a look too. Steve suggested we pay the $200 to Bridge NZ and use what we have. If we change, Steve recommends using Altosoft’s template for our website which some Clubs in NZ are using and the results would be published there. Presentation of results etc. is much better than what we currently use. 150 clubs in Oz using it and the bugs have been ironed out. Westport BC are evaluating it and Steve will talk to Phil R and see how they are going.

Duty Roster/Review
Margaret Bosma temporary secretary – now Barbara Gordon.

New Monday Night programme 2015
Shirley Burt convenor – she would like a list of people who play at nights and invite them along – also give to other night convenors to get more people playing. Steve will print out the handicaps for Wednesday and Friday nights and give to Shirley.
Notice to be put up on notice board – General Play – Open Night Mondays
Christmas Function
Vicki picking up punchbowl – all committee members to be there at 12 noon to set-up room
Punch, liquor and glasses all together on one trestle table
Lindsey Guy directing for the afternoon
Spot prizes – scratchies – Vicki has under control
Cash bar – ticket system as normal – buy tickets when paying table money – Helen to organise float

Order of Events – Prizegiving 1st at 1 p.m. and Christmas cake with drinks
Bridge at 1.30 p.m. – 17 tables 1 board per table
Games – trivia quiz about Christmas which Vicki has organised.
26 bottles of wine – need juice – apparently there is some in the kitchen
Steve mentioned low alcohol beer which needs to be on hand. We also have non-alcoholic punch and juice (and there is plenty of water in the tap – this wasn’t mentioned at the meeting – just your naughty new secretary putting her oar in!!))
Clare has been paid to clear up at the end of the function.

Hastings Bullock’s 100th birthday afternoon celebration
Party to now be held on Monday 19th January not 12th – this is an individual event
Clare to do catering
Announce at Christmas party the change from 12th to 19th
Sandwiches, savouries and birthday cake for afternoon tea

Life Members’ Nomination Procedure
Garry working on it – old handwritten records as well as NZ Bridge website. Garry is to work on it over the Christmas break. Helen said we need to get onto it. Vicki suggested we get the information from Margaret Bosma’s memory stick and make a decision at our next meeting. Steve proposed that Garry presents the criteria at our January meeting on what constitutes life membership and we vote on it at the February meeting. All were in favour of this.

Next Year’s Programme
Corrections and membership 2015. Jean Hodson mis-spelt as Hodgson – no G in her surname.
Lea Blunt has an incorrect telephone number – should be 546 8404
Font and Set-Up looks good – Steve

Leasing of Club Rooms
Peter Grooby said the information is all set out in the RBCC document. Management Committee decision.

Maintenance work on Building
Peter moved that any work to be done for and on behalf of the bridge club is not to exceed $300 without referral to the bridge club committee. Seconded Steve and carried.
Water cooler has to be taken in to be cleaned and serviced – where does it go to?
Lettering on awards boards – 2014 champs to be added – refer to Ann Nighy as she knows who can do this.
Helen brought up Madge Johnston’s suggestion about a soap dispenser on the wall in the ladies bathroom; decided too expensive and not warranted.

NBS Sponsorship
They will give us pens – Helen to get in touch with NBS and we can trial using pens rather than pencils.

General Business
Slow Play – disadvantaging everyone – make it known to Directors that if after the 2 minute warning bell has gone and the 1st card has not been lead, all hands back into the board and NP put in bridgepad. It is hoped that this method might reduce the amount of slow play. Moved Garry/Barbara. Carried.
Notices need to be read out each session before play. Ann was setting up notices. Need to promote upcoming tournaments, Marlborough in January, in particular.

Milk – cancel for holiday break – see Ralph/Garry
Road frontage – croquet have a sign – there is spare space and we should look at this for our next meeting. Signwriter??

Nelson ZFM – prior to beginners’ lessons, use promotion on radio as it is free advertising and also put something in local Waimea rag.

Account from NZ Bridge for $200 to pay for web hosting for the next 12 months – Compscore2 used at Hamilton for Congress and in Auckland for the recent IPs. Steve is trialling it on his computer at home and also at the Club; can’t work his way round the buttons – Mary has had a look too. Steve suggested we pay the $200 to Bridge NZ and use what we have. If we change, Steve recommends using Altosoft’s template for our website which some Clubs in NZ are using and the results would be published there. Presentation of results etc. is much better than what we currently use. 150 clubs in Oz using it and the bugs have been ironed out. Westport BC are evaluating it and Steve will talk to Phil R and see how they are going.

Duty Roster/Review
Margaret Bosma temporary secretary – now Barbara Gordon.

New Monday Night programme 2015

30th Anniversary Dinner


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Madge Johnstone, Mary Leyden and Val Scowen P1010331 P1010344 Rhonda Doole, Cliff Jones and Phil Doole Shirley Lattimore and Eleanor BradshawBarry Simpson, Helen and Cliff Jones, Jean Hodson and Garry BruntonBetty Turner, Ron and Shirley Burt and Elsie MaginnessP1010329

Ernest Rutherford 8B Tournament


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P1010298 aP1010299 a P1010300 a P1010301 a P1010302 a P1010304 a P1010305 a winnersa


Bridge Guidelines


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There is a formal code of conduct in a serious game or tournament, and this may at first surprise newer players. A common problem is to do with the tone and speed of your bidding. It’s supposed to be consistent, so that you give partner information based only on the bids you make, not the way you make them.

Bidding in tempo all the time is hard, since some hands are more difficult than others, but the longer you take to decide, the clearer it becomes to everyone, especially partner, that you must have something of interest in your hand. Suppose you think, and then pass. Unfortunately your hesitation (innocent or otherwise) has conveyed information to partner. Your opponents have been put at a disadvantage. If the director is called, your partner won’t be allowed to bid. They may well have been planning to bid anyhow, but now they probably won’t be able to.


In general: Bridge should be played competitively, with a sense of fair play and friendly rivalry, and with an awareness of the rules. These simple guidelines should be kept in mind (from Paul Marston at Grand Slam):

  • Count your cards before you look at them.
  • Agree on the number of tricks before packing up your cards at the end of a hand.
  • Don’t make any comments about the bidding or play until the end of the hand, and generally    the less said at the bridge table the better.
  • Don’t take too much time. There is a certain amount per hand, and it’s not fair to constantly be slow.
  • Don’t discuss a hand played earlier. Your opponents may not have played the hand, and you may be giving them an insight into what they should do.
  • It’s best not to comment on your successes, which are also the opponents’ failures. Saying things like: “Oh that’s a top partner” is very bad manners.
  • Don’t convey information to your partner by gestures, hesitations or mannerisms. It’s unethical to do this
  • You may draw inferences from the opponents’ hesitations (at your own risk), but it is not accepted to draw inference from your partner’s hesitation or manner
  • Don’t recriminate over a bad result. Don’t harass partner by asking questions that start with “Why?”
  • North or South should do the scoring, and East and West must check their score.
  • Call the director whenever something goes wrong. It’s proper procedure, and they will advise you of relevant rulings. The director is there to keep things equitable.
  • You should warn the opponents, by saying “alert” when your partner has made a bid that isn’t what it seems in your system. An opponent may, in his turn, ask the meaning of the alerted call. You are bound to give a full explanation

Your Partner

To be successful at the bridge table, you have to work with your partner. There’s no way to reach the best contracts by yourself, or to defend a hand without help from partner. Bridge is a combination of luck, skill, and your relationship with your partner. No matter how much you have of the first two, you won’t get far without the third ingredient. Audrey Grant suggests that you “Look at the person sitting opposite you, and think of something you love about the way they play”.


Don’t criticise yourself at the table, because even a little self-condemnation can get out of hand. First we think that we simply made an unlucky lead, next we consider that it helped declarer make the contract. Then we reflect that we never seem to make a good lead.  In fact, we don’t really understand the game at all…perhaps we just don’t have the ability to play a good hand of bridge….

Timothy Gallwey, who wrote “The Inner Game of Tennis”, puts it like this:

“First the mind judges the event, then groups events, then identifies with the combined event, and finally, judges itself. As a result, what happens is that these self- judgements become self-fulfilling prophecies” We should take a non-judgemental approach at the bridge table, both of our partner and ourselves!

30 Years of Richmond Bridge Club


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Richmond Bridge Club Celebrates 30 year  of Bridge

 Date: Thursday 8th August, 2013

Venue: Petite Fleur – Seifried’s Estate

Starting at: 5.00 p.m. for pre-dinner drinks

Cost: $30.00 per person for the meal

Drinks extra

Come and join us. All present and past members welcome

Contact – richbridge@ts.co.nz






Oakwoods Tournament


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P1010280 P1010281 P1010282 P1010283 P1010284 1 P1010286 P1010287 P1010288 P1010289 P1010290

Lessons for beginners


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Bridge Lessons starting the first week of March.

Monday evenings or Tuesday afternoons

First lesson is free. Contact Shirley –  544 6734

Richmond Bridge Club, 348 Lower Queen St

How RICHMOND (B) (the minnows) helped NELSON to win the Howorth Cup


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Our Team (Richmond B) had just suffered a severe defeat 4 – 25 at the hands of Westport B. It was then with much trepidation that we had to face a very strong and experienced Marlborough A team on just the second round.

Were we contemplating a 0 – 25 thrashing? Yes! However we had to face up and do what we could do, which was to play the best we could. I did mention to our illustrious opponents of how chilly it was to which they agreed and I sort of hoped that this would provide somewhat of a little distraction and be on their minds as to how uncomfortable they are.

We played the first couple of boards, which did not seem to mount to much either way which sort of settled our nerves a bit. Only 80% of the match to go.

Then came along Board #11.

Partner (RT) West held:  S: AKJ98    H: Q876    D: K6     C: A6

My hand: —- East held:   S: 104      H: 1052   D: 83    C: KJ9543

South playing precision opened 1S. Partner doubled. North passed so I had to bid and went 2C. South passed and partner bid 2NT. This usually shows stoppers in their suit with around a 19-point count. I wasn’t sure about No Trumps and rebid my clubs (3 clubs can make) but I saw 3NT go down on the pad opposite my side and thus West had the contract for better or worse!

Of course a Diamond hit the table (the 4) and I hoped partner had a good hold of this suit as well? After a lengthy pause the king took care the first trick.

Then came the Ace of clubs to collect the second trick followed by the club King to take care of the third trick. There was a wee sigh of relief from across the table as the Queen of clubs appeared from South on this third round. Like a world champion partner soon wrapped up twelve tricks as though this was a normal everyday occurrence. A 12imp swing to the minnows. If luck had eluded us on the first round it certainly smiled upon us on this second Round.

North’s  Hand:  S: 6     H; J93     D: A109542    C: 872

South’s Hand:  S: Q7532    H: AK4    D: QJ7        C:  Q10

How many times does the missing Q turn up in the doubleton hold? Actually

more than you think. Sometimes it’s the only way to achieve success.

You just have to trust your partner.

Board #18 in the same match provided some interest and highlighted the fact that it pays to know some of the basic conventions and how they work even if your partnership does not use them.

I passed in the West seat. South opened 1S. Partner passed and North raised to 2S. South now bid 3H, a suit trial bid. As this was not alerted it must have been a long suit trial bid? North bid 4S. I thought this a bit odd as I held AK92 in hearts. It looks as though South must have QXX and thus 4S looks to be OK. I asked partner to lead face down and asked North what was the 3H bid? It was confirmed as a long suit trial bid so I was surprised to see North put down the 8753 in the heart suit? I wondered if he considered this to be the long suit cards that South was expecting? The full hands were.

North:  S: KQ85   H: 8753    D: 103      C: 832

East:   S: 10       H: AK92   D:  Q9852   C: 1075

South:  S: A9732   :H J106   D: A          C: AKJ5

Wes:t  S: J84     H: Q4     D: KJ764  C: Q94

Now a casual glance will show that only 3S is on. West must now know that partner must have heart honours and to defeat 4S, East needs to have AKx minimum. In fact in counting possible defensive tricks West can count the club Queen, the heart Queen and hopefully the hopeful AKX(x) hearts in partners hand to equal 4-tricks for one off. But unfortunately this was not to be. Some how West’s Queen of hearts was swallowed up by the East’s Ace & King of hearts and it was an 8 imp swing back to Marlborough. When in with the Queen clubs the next card should have been the heart Queen then the small one. Often the defence needs to position a certain necessary distribution to conjure up a play to defeat declares contract. If it does not work at least you gave it a good chance! It might work next time.

However all was not lost. At the other table the Grand Master opponents made some uncharacteristic errors against our steady ‘by the book’ teammates thus the Richmond B team ended up with a small 16 – 14 imp point victory.

Every minnow has its day!!!!

Garry Brunton. 6th November 2012