Committee for 2024

President, Sally Ussher

Vice President, 

Secretary, Annie Millard

Treasurer, Grant Christall

Committee Members

Anne Bruce, Janet Gerrie, Anthony Clarke,

Leigh Gamby, Carrie Elliott

Immediate Past President

Steve Gray

General Guide To Players

 Control – The Director Law 81 C (1)

The Director is responsible for all aspects of play, including order and discipline. Listen to the Director’s instructions and act promptly.

Call the Director as soon as any irregularity occurs.

An appeal can be made if a player disagrees with the Director’s ruling. An appeal must be lodged within 30 minutes of the conclusion of a session.

Seating of pairs at the table is decided by a toss of a coin. The winner sits North/South.

North ensures that the board is correctly placed and remains on the table at all times during play.

South will record details of contract and result.

East checks the result details and then pushes next.

West passes the boards to the next table

Cards must be counted by each player before play and shuffled at the completion of the hand before returning the cards to the board.

Opening leads are to be placed face down until partner accepts the lead.

Slow play is unfair to your fellow bridge players and may be penalised. Playing to time is an important part of the competition.

North/South greet East/West when they arrive at their table.

Never give advice to fellow players unless they ask.

For the first six months Beginners are allowed to refer to their bidding sheet when needed.

Wearing a name tag is helpful.