Minutes of the Richmond Contract Bridge Club Inc
Thursday 6 November 2014 at 7:00pm
Present and Welcome Garry Brunton, Vicki Russell, Ralph Lattimore, Peter Grooby, Mary Leyden, Helen Jones, Steve Gray, Margaret Bosma
Apologies Lyn Carrodus, Barbara Campbell
Minutes of the last meeting Read Garry/Ralph
• Matters arising – Steve has offered to be masterpoints secretary and also to manage a tournaments subcommittee.
• Carol Glen and Shirley Lattimore have offered to take bridge lessons.
• Garry phoned NZ re session changes and they have left it to us to manage the changes.
• Changing the constitution – Shirley is going to draft wording to change this. Then register with the Charities Commission.
• Duties roster – please see changes on attached document.
• Members are now able to buy bridge session tickets via internet banking at $4 each.
Treasurer’s report
• Table ticket sales have increased dramatically over the last month. Subscription payments have reduced.
• The bulk of Westpac money has been shifted to NBS,
• Signatories have now been changed over for all banks except Westpac.
• All is running smoothly with NBS.
• Management of Term Deposits. The committee agrees to a policy of “laddering” TDs which could be held in two banks (instead of four), including NBS. These could be 1,2,3 and 5 year deposits. These will be managed by Ralph and Steve. Ralph/Helen
1. Inwards
• St Johns thanking for Charity tournament
• Letter from Lindsey Guy complaining about the organisation of Wednesday 5th November night bridge.
• Emails from Ron and Shirley Burt, Jean Hodson and Martin Thompson in support of the director and complaining about the poor etiquette and behaviour of Lindsey Guy on Wednesday 5th November night bridge.
Garry said this should be a friendly, social club without inappropriate behaviour. He will talk to Lindsey and Bevan. The secretary was asked to respond in writing to the above. Helen asked if we had a Recorder, could people go and complain to him/her? Apparently not in this situation.
2. Outwards
Card to Rona Vesey, accepting her resignation.
Membership – the following have been accepted for membership of the Richmond Bridge Club. Kevin Elliott, Lesley Gair, Pam Jenkins.
Resignation – Lorna Lawton. Steve/Ralph
General Business
• Christmas function – Mary’s bought the Christmas presents and wrapped them.
The social committee is Helen, Margaret, Vicki and Lynn.
The Christmas function will cost $12 per head and will be subsidised by the bridge club.
Garry will arrange a tree and Martin Lindley will collect and install it. Helen and helpers will decorate it.
The Christmas party starts at 1:00 pm , play starts at 1:30 pm and afternoon Christmas tea at 4:30pm . Lindsey will be director, and Steve the scorer.
Poster and tickets from Shirley and Cliff will order the drinks.
• Friday/Monday night bridge. As this Friday night’s bridge has been cancelled, the proposal was to cancel Friday night’s bridge for the rest of the year. Also to list Monday night’s bridge in next year’s book. Email to go to all members about Fridays being cancelled for the rest of the year. Garry/Peter
• Catering Helen suggested asking Clare to cater for Hastings ’ 100th birthday. Steve also suggested the Nelson Bridge Club’s caterers (Jan Head’s daughter). They charge about $18 per head. The Social sub-committee to investigate and report back at the next committee meeting.
• The 2015 Programme – Helen Jones.
Need a Recorder. Shirley Lattimore to be asked.
Start times of bridge sessions to be clarified.
The Monday convenor is to be clarified.
The AGM will be on the second Monday evening in October.
• The liquor licence fee has been increased from $64 to $575.
• Trophies Vicki is to take these to the engraver with the list of names.
The NBS trophies – Steve suggested we have two tournament trophies called the NBS trophies for the top Richmond junior pair and the top overall Richmond pair, to be awarded at the Olave Estate tournament (held in August). This was well accepted and only needs to be formally approved?
The Bay Audiology tournament will be renamed the Stillwater Gardens tournament.
• The Management Centre AGM & Committee Meetings will take place with Garry, Steve and Peter on Monday evening. 18% is the maximum percentage of variable cost payments the Croquet Club members think is sufficient for them to pay. Ralph stated that Mike McClure (the management chairperson) controls repairs and maintenance (which he does well. Steve suggested we find a bridge maintenance person. This may be Bevan Bruce. We are collectively responsible to the TDC and there is an exposed electrical cable outside that could be dangerous and is of some concern?
The meeting finished at 9:30pm . Next meeting 11th December 2014 at 7:00pm.